Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Blast From the Past

Well looky looky! While I was trying to log-in to my gmail account, I happened across this old blog post that I wrote on December 26th, 2013. This post was created on my personal blog site before I started makeupcraze, but I thought it would be nice to re-post it here. Spoiler alert: I never started this challenge, LOL!!!!!!

So I have officially decided to go into a makeup no buy! I'm sure plenty of people say that because of the new year, but surprisingly this is not the reason that I decided to accept the challenge in today's coupon sending, consumer spending market. I am embarking on this journey solely due to the fact that I have so many products and need to learn some discipline. Like any journey, this one is going to be rather difficult, especially since it's so hard to avoid that pretty new blush or that shiny new package of lipstick that is supposed to be a life-changer. I suspect that the no buy will be fairly easy in the beginning since I just placed a Ulta order 5 minutes ago and I'm expecting some product from an Hautelook order (blushes from The Balm) that I placed during the Thanksgiving holiday. The most heart wrenching step of this journey will be to resist the temptation of YouTube. I am not yet an 'official' YouTuber, but more of an innocent bystander that gets caught in the crossfires of the Sigma brushes (which I hoped to have purchased by now) and the Benefit products. I plan to walk this path until March and see how it goes by then I should be completely out of foundation and hope to shed my Makeup Hoarder shell of a personality. 

What are you giving up in 2014? Please comment below.