Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brand Review: Morphe Brushes (and eyeshadows too!)

While it is nice to have a collection of M.A.C eye shadows or the latest Urban Decay palette, often times there is a need to ‘ball on a budget’. If I had unlimited funds, I wouldn’t worry about spending $50 on the Urban Decay Naked 3 or Lorac Pro palette, but since I have to work for a living, there are alternatives for the budget conscious. Besides, being beat and beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.

Morphe Brushes 35 color glam palette    $19.95

Morphe Brushes 35 color warm palette    $19.95

The Morphe Brush Company is located out of California and offers high quality makeup brushes and eye shadows at affordable prices. Shadows or brushes can be purchased individually or in sets. Individual eye shadow pans are $2 each for quality pigmentation. This option allows you to purchase only the colors that you will use. Check them out at

                                              What is your favorite budget friendly eye shadow?