Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekly Makeup Basket – October 13th, 2014

So.....this week's makeup basket is pretty much unchanged from last week, that's why there are no new pictures :(. I have been having the worse breakouts lately and in order to figure out what the heck is the cause, I decided to go back to some of the basics. I stopped using the Tarte Clean Slate primer this week because of the small bumps that I've noticed in the areas where it is applied, and I also switched out my Lancome foundation for the tried and true Revlon Colorstay. I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but I'm somewhat bummed out with the high end foundations I've tried so far. Not 1 holds a candle to the Revlon Colorstay for oily/combination skin, does anyone else feel this way? I also noticed that my skin is clearer when I used the Revlon even though the product doesn't claim to have any acne fighting ingredients. *Sigh*, what is a girl to do. I'm thinking of stopping with the high end foundations for a while, until I decide if they are really worth the price (I haven't found one yet that is really worth the higher price tag). 

What's in your makeup rotation this week?