Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Project 10 Pan (P10P) Pitfalls

In yesterday’s post, I briefly mentioned how disillusioned I was when starting my project pan. I was WAYYYYY off track and over ambitious with the products that I chose, but I’m way too stubborn to just give up. So after 4 months of project pan, I am modifying the rules a bit.

I am allowing myself to purchase makeup after I finish any 10 products or if I haven’t reached my goal by October 16th (my birthday), I am allowed birthday splurges.

Yep, I said it. I am determined to finish and even if I don’t finish before my b-day, I plan to continue my project pan. While I do plan on purchasing for my birthday, if my project pan items are not finished, I will not be opening any new products. I am freakishly scared about makeup expiration dates, so I don’t want to open anything new until I can commit the time to thoroughly enjoy it.

Now on to the mistakes I’ve made when undertaking my Project Pan:

#1  Not giving myself a timeframe. Shoot, if I would’ve given myself a 2-month timeframe I probably would’ve been more serious in this undertaking and would’ve have gotten bored with my makeup (hence the lack of blog posts).

#2  Not picking items that were close to being finished. My bad. I should have chosen products that were on the brink of being finished that way I could have a sense of accomplishment, especially when I started with the Kat Von D powder foundation, it was practically brand new. I am all about the small wins.

#3  Not giving myself any wiggle room. In retrospect, I should have picked more than 10 items so that if one product was taking too long, I could still finish at least 10 things. Adding a few ‘extra’ products would’ve also given me some variation and change to stop the boredom of a constant project pan.

Are you currently on a project pan or focusing on using some of your products up? Any advice on how I can improve my next P10P?